The teachers will present a project from an external or internal stakeholder. The project must represent a problem requiring innovation and investigation of state-of-the-art research- and development experiences within the topic.
The students will organize in a company-like structure – dealing with all, for the project, necessary roles (management, project management, purchasing, budget, etc.)
During the semester the supervisors will arrange sessions with external professionals – regarding project management and entrepreneurship
The students will participate in a preference analysis (BJT) and receive feedback on one’s own personal preferences and how to use this in teamwork.
Performance of a project characterized by a high degree of completion.
As an expert-in-team, the individual student is given the possibility of focusing on specific disciplines from his/her study programme during the project work.

Scientific understanding, methods and limitations will take their starting point in practical and tangible activities related to science theoretical methodology performed during semester projects and they will be put into perspective by means of different science theoretical positions, e.g. positivism, critical rationalism and paradigm theory.
Ethical aspects of science and technology. The relation between technology, society and the engineer takes its starting point in similar specific considerations and experiences from previous semester projects.
Topics from the history of science, technology and engineering will be covered by the main topics above, and specific problems related to this have been studied in previous semester projects.
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Target groupBachelor
ECTS credits15 ECTS