This introductory course into electromagnetism is especially designed for the needs of future scientists in the area of the biosciences. The basic physical phenomena associated with charges and currents will be introduced, including the concepts of electric and magnetic fields. Lectures will be accomplished by a set of exercises that especially address relevant examples from biology / biochemistry / general laboratory techniques. This includes ions in aqueous surroundings and the related currents, electric potentials across semipermeable interfaces as membranes, nerve conduction, … but also basic measuring techniques as the function of ammeters, voltmeters, oscilloscopes, … and electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, … . Working on the exercises will require some basics of calculus. Therefore the lectures will briefly resume the math essentials as needed (fractions, power calculations, vectors, logarithmic and trigonometric functions, trigonometry, …) and the exercise assignments will train these calculus basics in the context of selected problems.
Period06/09/2004 → …
Target groupBachelor
ECTS creditsOther