Data- and Component-Based Energy System Modeling



The module is comprised of the subject areas: modeling, applications, and project.

The modeling part covers:
- Modeling dynamics of energy systems and processes
- Time dependent conservation equations in the form of ODEs and difference equations
- Parameter estimation and model calibration (grey-box modeling)
- System identification and data handling (black-box modeling)

The application part may cover:
- Transient heat, mass and electricity transfer
- Dynamics of energy conversion and storage
- District energy systems

The project part covers:
- Formulation of the energy case study as a mathematical modeling problem
- Application of parameter estimation/system identification methods to calibrate system component(s)
- Draw evidence-based conclusion on the physics of a given system operating under time-varying boundary conditions
- Documentation of the problem and its solution in a short report
Period01/02/2021 → …
Target groupMaster
ECTS credits10 ECTS