This course is part of the Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (cand merc, cand merc aud) and Master of Arts in Business, Language and Culture (cand negot). The course comprises approx. 150-180 students. The aim of the course is to provide students with an understanding and application of the central concepts, processes, models of corporate and organisational communication. As lecturer I ensured that by the end of the course students were able to achieve the following SOLO taxonomy goals: define and illustrate the central dimensions and challenges of organisational communication in the contemporary business landscape; apply concepts like corporate branding, organizational identity, corporate reputation, mediatisation, storytelling and auto-communication to specific cases; identify and debate the impact of specific communication situations and campaigns; analyze the inter-relationships between internal and external communication; and identify, discuss, and evaluate the assumptions which underlie competing theories of corporate and strategic communication. The forms of instruction I rely in this case are a combination of lecturing, guest lecturers, a wide range of ad-hoc business analyses and student presentations of theoretical concepts and case solutions based on cases provided by students themselves through fieldwork. For maintaining a high level of active participation among students during lectures I designed multiple in class and out of class activities (voting polls, fieldwork and case based presentations, group work) where both the teacher and fellow students provide feedback. The students are evaluated in the form of a 5 hour written open books exam.
Period01/02/2018 → …
ECTS credits10 ECTS