Brick Maps - An Intuitive Indoor Location Application




Finding your way in a building can be challenging if you have never been in it before or if you need to find specific things in the building. You might want to find the way from one room to another or perhaps a technician needs to find out where a specific sensor is placed in a room. In both cases you need a way of finding your current location within the building, and a way of determining the most attractive path to the destination. In this project I want to develop a system that utilizes the information available about the OU44 building at SDU to give users the ability to find their way in the building. This should be extendable to the rest of SDU or other buildings given that the needed information is available. Using this system would save time for people coming to SDU with no prior knowledge about the location of rooms or for technicians that needs to check the sensors in a building.


Making a Brick Maps application that will extend Brick and FloorViz to enable indoor location functionalities similar to Google Maps. An example of this functionality is the ability to find the shortest path from one position in the building to another or to the nearest point of interest. The OU44 building at University of Southern Denmark will be used as the example building.


Design and develop a web-based frontend that enables users to adapt the path between two points to their needs (e.g., a wheelchair user that has to avoid stairs). Design and develop the functionality to make meetups between two users who wants to
meet or exchange items. Develop the functionality to find the nearest toilet, water dispenser or similar.
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