Article in VoxEU about research on creativity and inequality in the US since 1850.

Period2. Jul 2020

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleThe land of artistic beauty and racial inequality: A study of the US since 1850
    Media name/outletVoxEU
    Media typeWeb
    DescriptionBlack Americans have been underrepresented in the nation’s creative industries since the end of slavery. This column argues that the implications of that marginalization extend beyond career choices into homes and neighbourhoods, as cities with thriving arts sectors also lead in job creation, innovation, and trade. The authors recommend that financial support for black artists be pursued in a systematic way, with policies that provide emerging black artists with access not only to relevant artistic networks, but also to supply-related organisations such as gallerists and publishers.
    PersonsKarol Jan Borowiecki, Christian M. Dahl