Shot of Klotho Boosts Memory In Aging and Diseased Mice

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Talk about instant gratification. According to an August 8 paper in Cell Reports, injecting a fragment of the protein klotho markedly improves memory and motor function in mice. Klotho is a protein associated with cognitive function in people, and reported to slow aging and boost cognition in mice. The shot apparently worked in both young and old animals after a few hours or days, even in mice overexpressing α-synuclein, according to scientists led by Dena Dubal, University of California, San Francisco. Curiously, the treatment reportedly was effective even though it didn’t cross into the brain, raising the question of whether peripheral signals can modulate cognitive function on a short timescale.

“These new results are fascinating. With the clear need for more effective treatments in neurological diseases, we should embrace novel targets and strategies,” wrote Jonas Mengel-From, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, to Alzforum.

Period15. Aug 2017

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