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Taler i symposiet "Writing to learn, learning to write. Lieracy an disciplinarity i upper secundary education". Mit abstrakt: Mette is an Upper Secondary School-student. I have observed her in the two mandatory Multi-Subject Courseworks; I have interviewed her and collected her assignments. Mette is a strategic writer (Habermas 1983, Berge 1988) writing in order to show that she has read the syllabus, but claiming that afterword she is better of when reading papers and discussing with peers. I have wondered why she confines herself to using writing as a medium for preserving information knowing that the curricula ask the students for possible solutions to epochal core problems (Klafki 1985). But analyzing the writing prompt given by the teachers and the possible self-hoods offered (Ivanic 1998) I found that the teachers primarily want to hear the voices (Bakhtin 1986, Voloshinov 1986) of the syllabus. I will present an affirmative typology of the writing prompts substantiating this claim. Literature: Bakhtin, Michail M. (1986): Speech Genres and Other Late Essays. Austin:University of Texas Press Berge, Kjell Lars (1988): Skolestilen som genre. Med påtvungen penn. Oslo:Landslaget for norskundervisning (LNU)/Cappelen Habermas, Jürgen (1983): The Theory of Communicative Action. Boston: Beacon Press Ivanic, Roz (1998): Writing and identity. The discoursal construction of identity in academic writing. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company Klafki, Wolfgang (1985): Neue Studien zur Bildungstheorie und Didaktik. Basel: Beltz Weinheim Voloshinov, Valentin Nikolaevith (1986): Marxism and the Philosophy of Language. Cambridge, Massachusetts, London: Harvard University Press
Period20. Feb 2014
Event titleWRAB: Writing Research Across Borders
Event typeConference
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LocationParis, France