Workshop on interdisciplinary research: Challenges, Questions, Opportunities, Strategies and Lessons Learned

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University leaders, policy makers and research funding agencies are increasingly emphasising the importance of real-world impact and interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary research. The influence of academic disciplines has been dominant, in academia and professional bodies. Specialisation in disciplines and subdisciplines has yielded tremendous gains in knowledge but has also led to fragmentation. The ideas in any field can be enriched by theories, concepts, findings and methods from other fields. The world’s problems are not organised by academic discipline – fully understanding problems and finding solutions may require perspectives and knowledge from more than one discipline.

There are various types of disciplinarity: Intradisciplinary – colleagues within a discipline working together; Crossdisciplinary - viewing one discipline from the perspective of another; Multidisciplinary - people from different disciplines working together, each drawing on their disciplinary knowledge; Interdisciplinary - integrating knowledge and methods from different disciplines, using a real synthesis of approaches; Transdisciplinary - creating a unity of intellectual frameworks beyond the disciplinary perspectives (Stember, 1991. p.2).

The workshop will include a panel of at least three international colleagues with experience of such various forms of research. They will summarise their insights into research approaches, challenges, opportunities and possible strategies and any lessons they might share for collaborating with a range of academic colleagues and other stakeholders when trying to develop intellectual frameworks beyond single disciplinary perspectives. There will be opportunities for participation including volunteering to join the panel and/or to join in the discussion and offer questions and/or answers.

The panel will include Greg J. Bamber, Michael Brookes and Susan Kirk.

Greg J. Bamber is Professor/Director, International Consortium for Research in Employment & Work, Monash University, Australia.

Michael Brookes is Professor of HRM and Leader of the Management of People Research Group at the University of Southern Denmark.

Susan Kirk is a Reader in International Human Resource Management at Newcastle University.
Period7. Jun 2022
Event typeWorkshop
LocationSlagelse, DenmarkShow on map
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