Work in Progress: Effects of migration - Evidence from historical Denmark (financed by DFF)

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What is the role of migration for economic development? This project uses historical migration streams to and from Denmark to shed light on this question and to show that migration can foster economic growth. Denmark is an interesting case to study as it was an agricultural frontrunner in the 19th century. First, this meant that Denmark was a country of immigration during a period of massive emigration from Europe to the US. The project analyzes how Denmark has benefitted from its ability to import labor, by studying the effects of immigration on regional wages and living standards. Second, a highly productive and innovative agricultural sector meant that after a series of important innovations in the dairy sector in the 1880’s, Danish emigrants carried knowledge on these new technologies. Data on Danish emigrants to the US before and after 1890 is used to test the hypothesis that immigration fosters economic growth through the spread of ideas.
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