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Evidence based safety at work : best practices of cohort studies based on Register Data and injury and population Registers

It is widely agreed that statistical data are essential for injury prevention and benchmarking of the safety. The problem is that data often are lacking or of low quality. The aim is to establish a collaboration learning project with a textbook on occupational injury cohort studies based on registers with the main goals: 1) to improve the training of qualified personnel in injury epidemiology research and data administration and 2) to improve the quality of the existing and new injury and population databases in public and private companies, 

with the overall goal of 3) improving the safety learning culture that includes good data reporting, good data registers, and good research. The background is that the occupational injury registers are most often developed for administrative purposes, but the data are important also for the injury prevention. The under-reporting can give serious bias when the data are used for pointing out the most hazardous areas and for comparison of the incidence rates. The reason is that reporting of an injury can have some side- effects, like fines and extra costs but also because injuries happen so rarely in the small companies with no routine to report and they are the main part of the industry. The indirect reason is the lack of good safety learning culture based on an integrated safety and production quality assessment on a daily basis. As a part of the safety culture, the injury and population data registers are addressed in part C based on the learning in A and B. To improve the injury epidemiology and injury data registers, adequate training is needed. The aim is therefore to establish a learning project with a textbook on occupational epidemiological injury studies based on registers and best practices of the registers for occupational injuries and workers´ populations.

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