Welcome to the 12th Nordic Conference on Religious Education (NCRE) June 10-13 2013 in Reykjavik, Iceland

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Paperfremlæggelse ud fra følgende abstract: Students’ Writer Identities in RE in The Danish Upper Secondary School Peter Hobel, Assistent Professor, PhD., Institute for The Study of Culture, University of Southern Denmark In this paper I will present an analysis of two texts written in RE by two different students from two different Upper Secondary Education Programmes. The analysis focuses on the writer identities and identifications of the two students. A pivotal finding is that the students writing first and foremost is strategic orientated. They write to prove that they have done their homework. But when interviewed one of the students states that writing in RE is important: having collected and structured knowledge about religion she is better off when reading a paper and discussing with her peers. I will discuss how the students with their writer identities position themselves in relation to the (secularized?) curriculum of RE and the lessons taught in the classroom and whether any critical reflection on religious diversity and societal change is embedded in their writer identity. I am drawing on analytical methodology developed in Writing to Learn, Learning to Write (www.sdu.dk/en/fos), a Danish research project (2010-2014). Starting from the social cultural tradition in literacy studies and ethnographic studies this project examines the students’ writing trajectories and how they develop writer identity. References: Hobel, Peter og Krogh, Ellen (2012): Skriveridentifikationer i religionsfaget. In: Matre, Synnøve og Skaftun, Atle (red.): Skriv! Les! 1 – Artikler fra den første nordiske konferansen om skriving, lesing, literacy. Trondheim: Akademika forlag Hobel, Peter (work in progress): Skriveridentitet og fagligt samspil – en kursists skrivning i de to faggrupper på hf
Period11. Jun 2013
Event titleWelcome to the 12th Nordic Conference on Religious Education (NCRE) June 10-13 2013 in Reykjavik, Iceland
Event typeConference
LocationReykjavik, Iceland