Tissue a tool for Computational Design in Blender

Zomparelli, A. (Guest lecturer)

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Tissue is a tool created in order to facilitate the use of Blender in the Computational Design field for Architects, Engineers, and Designers.
Those tools were developed in different directions, but the most famous part is probably Tessellate, an operator that allows to create complex tessellation of a generic component along the topology of another object. Initially developed for architectural design, this tool has been appreciated also in other fields, like fashion design and the medical field.
Reducing the design to a small element, a cell, and controlling how it is multiplied along a surface’s topology, it is possible to generate extremely complex geometries with different qualities, like in a biological Tissue.
During several workshops I had the opportunity to test the tool combining it with 3D printing technology exploring extremely different behaviors according to the different connections between each element, sometimes rigidly connected, some other times with spring-like connections, in other cases, with no connection at all, but interlocked, or just shape for behaving as a stereotomic system. It is also possible to set a desired number of iterations in order to create loop behaviors and create fractal geometries of branching systems.
Another really important part of Tissue is his “Weight Tools” panel. A set of tools aimed to extend the features connected to vertex groups. “Weight formula” allows generating weight values according to math, using variables like vertices, positions, or normals, or combining other vertex groups. Also thanks to the “Weight Contours” tools it is possible to extract curves representing the iso-value of a vertex group, or trim a mesh according to its weight values (a more neat version of the Mask modifier), or even add edges to the mesh according to those values in order to have a more accurate displacement.
Period25. Oct 2019
Event titleBlender Conference: null
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LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
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  • Blender
  • Computational Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Architecture
  • Open-source Software