The Anthill - A Fragmented View of the Designed Beyond

Enrique Encinas (Editor), Mitchell, R. (Editor)

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The Anthill is a liminal virtual space where Uroboros pilgrims can find themselves ”in-between” the Uroboros Festival. The Anthill is a Discord server and a Mozilla Hubs virtual environment. Initially, the Anthill will be only a scaffolding with prompts waiting for Uroborians to enter and fill it with their own pictures, objects, gifs or conversations of what, how and where they design. When Uroboros ends, the ants might have a chance to look at one fragmented, incomplete, and glitchy Anthill of their own.

Designers are gods. Designers are cogs.
Designers are queens and drones.
Period13. May 2020
Event titleUroboros Festival
: The Uroboros Design-Art Festival
Event typeExhibition
LocationPrague, Czech Republic
Degree of RecognitionInternational