Validation of the Fish Sexual Development Test asan OECD guideline to detect endocrinedisrupters: Phase 1 results

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The Fish Sexual Development Test (FSDT) is undergoing validation as an OECD test guideline for the detection of endocrine disrupters with different modes of action. The Phase 1 validation has been finalized with two species: Fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas) and zebrafish (Danio rerio) and with two model compounds: The weak estrogen 4-tert pentylphenol and the aromatase inhibiting fungicide prochloraz. Both LOEC/NOEC and ECx test designs were applied to both species. Flow through exposure to chemicals began with fertilised eggs and continued until 60 or 120 days post hatch. Vitellogenin levels and gonadal sex were analysed as endocrine relevant endpoints. The final Phase 1 validation results will be presented, discussed and compared to results of other fish tests in regard to sensitivity, working effort etc. Focus will be put on statistical analysis of endpoints and test design.

Period28. May 2008
Event titleSETAC Europe 18th Annual Meeting: World under stress: Scientific and applied issues in environmental toxicology and Chemistry.
Event typeConference
LocationWarszawa, Poland