Study of surface chemical reactions induced                 by molecules electronically excited in the gas phase                   

Victor V. Petrunin (Lecturer)

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In a new experimental approach (Evanescent Wave Photocatalysis), we localize laser photoexcitation in a narrow boundary gas layer just above an interface. All the excited molecules can reach the surface before the relaxation. Approaching the surface, these molecules will naturally experience strong acceleration and alignment. The energy of the excitation is likely to be converted to kinetic motion along the reaction coordinate for chemical adsorption. While recombination chemical reactions in a gas phase require participation of a third body, this strong limitation on the reaction rates is removed upon interaction with a surface. First experimental results indicate an opening for investigations of a new, previously unexplored domain in photochemistry.


Emneord: laser photochemistry, Surface physics, surface photochemistry
Period28. Oct 2009
Event typeConference
LocationIFK research day, Odense, Denmark


  • laser photochemistry
  • Surface physics
  • surface photochemistry