Robotics is spearheading Smart Production - but we need to deliver, too

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It is quite common for the robotics community to work across disciplines, be it by pulling in various engineering competences or by linking to social sciences, including humanities, economy etc.: We just got used to combine actuators and sensors, hardware and software, real and virtual worlds in complex systems, and beyond engineering, we worked with other sciences to learn about their look on robotics as well, when the complex systems matured and visibly started to affect markets and people.

Today, the various aspects of Smart Production (or also Smart Energy, Smart Home, Smart X) pretty much ask for activating a similar, vertical integration of disciplines from engineering and beyond in order to analyze and develop smart, complex systems which combine actuators and sensors, hardware and software, real and virtual worlds. In robotics, we are thus actually sitting right in the middle of ongoing and upcoming developments in Smart X, and we have the advantage of being accustomed to the necessary mindset of connecting to a variety of competences.

High expectations were built up regarding robotics in this comfortable spearhead position. Of course, research is exactly that - research, operating at the fringes of conventional solutions and mostly dealing with problematic and open questions. Still, we should now also critically look after fulfilling some of these expectations, be it by transferring our examples from research to actual applications or by reassessing our tools and processes if they are sufficiently fit for supporting such transfers.

In this regard, at SDU Robotics, we aim for addressing this transfer gap by building up close cooperations with external partners and by linking our tools and processes to existing formats and standards. In my talk, I will show examples of this approach, our unique situation in Odense, Denmark, and how we conceive simulation and digital twins to pave the way to deliver tangible and robust results from our research.
Period30. Jul 2018
Event title15th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics
Event typeConference
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