Reviewer af 10 papers til EARNet-konferencen i Bergen (Journal)

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1. Auditor Performance, Cleint Satisfaction and Client Loyalty: Evidence from Belgian Non-Profits
2. Informal Interaction between Audit Committees and Internal Audit Functions
3. Accounting Discourse: Technical Proficiency and Ethical Sensibility
4. Do Audit Firms use Transparancy-reporting
5. Moral intensity and Ethical Decision-Making of Auditing Profession
6. Exploring the Strategic Integration of Sustainability Initiatives: Opportunities for Accounting Research.
7. Aiming for an apporopriate mental and social distance to the (viewpoints of the) auditee
8. Trust in Auditing - What can we learn from other fields?
9. Trust Matters: How a Client Manager can Gain and Use the Auditor's Trust to Influence Subsequent Audit Judgments.
10. Determinants of greenhouse gas assurance provider choice: Evidence from organisations purchasing GHG assurance in Australia.
Period1. Jun 201130. Jun 2011
Type of journalJournal