Principles of assessment

Myburgh, C. (Participant)

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Module Aims and Learning Outcomes
The importance of aims and learning outcomes

The module aims to explain what the overall intention of the module is, and the learning outcomes break this down into the specific things you should be able to do as a result of taking the module. If you return to these (and especially the learning outcomes) at various times during the module, you should find they help to clarify the purpose of the module, and so enable you to plan your learning more effectively.

You should also pay attention to the learning outcomes during your assessments, as the assessments are designed to measure how well you have met the learning outcomes.

This module aims to give students an understanding of the principles of assessment, including self- and peer assessment. It should provide students with the basic knowledge and skills to draw up an assessment blueprint, and provide students with an understanding of standard-setting techniques.
Intended learning outcomes

On completion of this module you should be able to:

Critically evaluate assessment methods
Design self-assessment/peer assessment exercises
Demonstrate standard-setting techniques
Critically evaluate feedback scenarios
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