Policy Incentives for Creation of Knowledge - Methods and Evidence (PICK-ME)

Camilla Jensen (Advisor)

Activity: Public and private sector consultationConsultancy


The PICK-ME project aims at providing an original contribution to advancing the understanding of the mechanisms through which demand-based innovation policies may stimulate effective knowledge creation process, and eventually trigger competitiveness and productivity growth.

Indeed, in the context of the ongoing global economic crisis, the Keynesian tradition would suggest short run policies consisting in a generic sustain to aggregate demand, both through direct government procurement and through measures aimed at increasing available income for private customers. Such measures are by definition mainly designed to help economic systems to cope with short run shocks and do not allow to undertaking a long run sustained path of growth.

My task is to assist senior colleagues at CASE Itzhak Goldberg and Peter Lindholm by reviewing the research output from the project and deriving policy implications for policy-makers in the EU.

CASE participates in the PICK-ME project in Work Packages 4 and 8. The project is led by Professor Christiano Antonelli, Collegio Alberto, Italy. Other partners in the project are Urban and Regional Research Centre, University of Utrecht, GREDEG,University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and CNRS, Dept. of Geography, London School of Economics, CSIC-INGENIO, Spain, University of Hohenheim, Germany and the Samuel Neumann Institute, Israel.
Period1. Sep 20121. Jul 2014
Work forThe project PICK-ME (Policy Incentives for the Creation of Knowledge: Methods and Evidence) is funded by the European Commission, within the 7th Framework Programme, Grant number 266959, Cooperation Program / Theme 8 / Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH)., Poland