Panel Chair, 'The Governance of Intergenerational Transformations' (ECPR General Conference,)

Vanhuysse, P. (Guest lecturer)

Activity: Talks and presentationsConference presentations


This panel invites papers on the interplay of major demographic changes with issues of the governance of, politics by, policies for generations. What are the consequences of these transformations for governance, political life and intergenerational relations (conflict, solidar-ity, cohesion, justice)? Do the steadily increasing groups of elderly voters start to grab ever more public resources for themselves, leading to pro-elderly bias in democracies? Or do we rather live in pro-elderly welfare states embedded within otherwise child-oriented societies? Where and when do elderly voters’ policy interests come at the expense of young people? If so, what are the political mechanisms behind this? And what can we say about the equity, or social justice, of the way different societies divide resources between the young and the old? Which policies and institutional innovations might improve intergenerational justice or the future sustainability of aging democracies?
Period26. Aug 2020
Event titleECPR General Conference
Event typeConference