No Strings Attached: A perspective on mind and object agency for strategic communication in organizations

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In line with theorizing on the agency of texts within organizational communication research, this talk seeks to explore the cognitive mechanism underlying the interaction between human and nonhuman agents. The base for this inquiry comes from a turn in cognitive science towards philosophizing about the mind’s place in nature by examining human interaction with external artifacts, such as other humans for interpreting experience, material artifacts such as tools for managing the environment, immaterial artifacts such as theoretical constructs for thinking and texts for guiding behaving, rather than focusing on the internal sense and meaning making cognitions in traditional cognitive science. The talk argues for considering this external cognitive dimension when, for instance, planning and constructing texts for strategic organization communication. As a way of exploring this idea, the cognitive mechanisms underlying the ascription of texts with agency and executive function will be linked to literature concerning vision and mission statements.
Period22. May 2009
Event titleThe Life of Texts in Organizations
Event typeConference
LocationOdense, DenmarkShow on map