Modularizaion of Maintenance in the Offshore Wind Power Sector

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The wind power sector is booing in the northern part of Europe and wind turbine generators have for many years been erected at on shore sites. However, because wind turbine generators become larger and larger it has become more difficult to erect these turbines at onshore sites - neighbours have complained by “not in my backyard” and because of stronger and more stable wind conditions, offshore locations for wind farms have moved further of the coast. Wind farms are now planned to be erected very far from the coast and in the middle of the North Sea. One issue is the development of reliable turbines, erection and commission of these turbines at harsh and challenging sea location. Another and even more challenging issue, which constitute up to 1/3 of the total life time cost, is the operation and maintenance for the expected 25 years of lifetime of the offshore wind turbine generators at very harsh weather conditions.
This study has been made in one of Europe’s leading offshore wind power operators with more than 1,000 wind turbine generators in operation. The study explains how research of operations and maintenance of offshore wind power installation is in its early phase of research.
The study explores how maintenance tasks can be planned, grouped, executed and thereby being improved using modularization. The study reveals how the concepts of Lean can constitute an important first step before concepts of modularization can be used to improve maintenance. The study identifies how modularisation of the maintenance of offshore wind farms can constitute an important concept both to improve planning and execution of maintenance tasks in a complex and ever-changing environment and how the time used on preventive maintenance can be reduced.
Period8. Mar 2018
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