"Measuring social networks with high resolution" by Sune Lehmann

Mee, R. (Participant)

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In order to understand the multi-layered and dynamic social interactions within a large social system, I equipped 1000 freshman students at the Technical University of Denmark with top-of-the-line smartphones running custom software designed to collect interactions mediated through face-to-face meetings (proximity estimated via Bluetooth), telecommunication (phone-calls, text messages), and online social networks (Facebook friendships and interactions). The phones also collected geo-locations, wifi-signals, and a number of other data channels; participants also answered paneled questionnaires regarding personality, study habits, and health-related behavior. The data collection lasted 2.5 years. Through this very rich dataset, we have learned about much more than dynamic social networks. In my talk, I will discuss key findings from this study, with an emphasis on communities in dynamic networks and recent results on human mobility.

Professor Sune Lehmann, DTU COMPUTE, Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Period9. Oct 2019
Event typeSeminar
LocationOdense, Denmark
Degree of RecognitionNational