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    Managing Change in Industry Clusters: Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Smart Specialisation & Regional Development Special Issue Guest Editors: Professor Kerry Brown (Curtin University) Professor John Burgess (Curtin University) A/Professor Susanne Gretzinger (University of Southern Denmark) Professor Susanne Royer (Europa Universität Flensburg) About the Special Issue: Changes in markets, networks and clusters lead to change within companies and this induces the need for (re-)thinking current concepts and/or developing new concepts. We are particularly interested in explorations and research in this change context, with specific interest in the field of cluster management directed towards the establishment of entrepreneurial ecosystems, smart specialization strategies and regional development. This special issue aims to link these topics better into the fields of public policies, organisational and sectoral strategies and change management and, to develop new knowledge in the discussion field with focus on a resource-oriented perspective on clusters. The editors would like to encourage scholars from a wide range of disciplinary and/or multidisciplinary approaches to submit papers in the following topic areas related to managing change in clustered organisations and across industry clusters in regions: • Smart Specialisation Strategies supporting the management of change in clusters • Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and clustering strategies • The role of Public Policy in change management for industry clustering • Firm resources, strategy and change in industry clustering • Cluster management and change facilitation • Cluster mapping and evaluation
    Period27. Oct 201427. Oct 2016
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    • Cluster Management
    • Smart Specialization
    • Resource based Perspective
    • Change Management