”It’s your image”: How do images occur in interaction?

Rasmussen, G. (Lecturer)

Activity: Talks and presentationsTalks and presentations in private or public companies


med Catherine E. Brouwer

Neuro-linguistic programming is a popular – and discussed - approach in coaching. The purpose of NNLP is to help clients achieve desired goals by specific techniques. Through these techniques the clients’ verbal and non-verbal behavior are led into a specific direction in order for them to ’mentally’ see, hear and feel what is like to have obtained the goal. Furthermore, techniques are taught in order to reach that goal. This paper focuses on one of these methods, namely the method of ‘imaging’ or ‘picturing’ situations in which the clients are in a General Desired (neurogically open) State. These pictures or images are defined by NNLP as belonging to the client and sometimes as belonging to the clients’ memory of internal mental states and life experiences. In contrast to this understanding, this paper will show how such pictures are products of social interaction. In other words, it will show how these pictures and images occur through joint efforts by participants in interaction. The paper will also show that in spite of this common interactional achievement, the co-participants jointly treat the pictures as being internal and as belonging to one of them. The paper makes use ethnomethodological (EM) conversation analytic (CA) methods. EM/CA aim at describing how ordinary members of society achieve an intersubjective understanding. We will demonstrate that EM/CA methods are not only useful for analyzing and understanding clients straight forward ways of achieving a common understanding, but also for revealing if and how clients are manipulated to believe the truthfulness of programs such as NNLP programs. EM/CA methods are useful for analyzing, documenting and substantiating such findings. The data for the study are video-recordings of 8 full days of NNLP activities in a coach course offered to citizens and social workers in a Danish municipality.
Period26. Jun 201328. Jun 2013
Event typeConference
LocationRoskilde, Denmark