Conference developing and management

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Since 2001 I have been in charge of developing and managing approximately 60 conferences/seminars (duration: 1-2 day(s)). I have been responsible for organizing, logistics and/or evaluation of these conferences. Below are some examples:

2017 Seminar on Professional Capital (Hargreaves and Fullan 2016) for management teams from the 13 public schools in the municipality of Svendborg

2016 Data based dialog meetings focusing on mutual understanding of local student centred quantitative and qualitative data

2015 Reform conference – student centred learning in the school system in the municipality of Svendborg

2009 “Pupil’s democracy in the municipality of Holbæk – School council, and then what?”

2008 “The co-operating Youth School – joint conference for 2 Youth Schools in the municipality of Odense”

2008 “Participant democracy in the municipality of Svendborg”

2004 “A new start? Conference on the Youth School’s potential in a new municipal scenery”

2003 “Big, Bigger, Best? Conference on the new working- and organization strategies of the Youth School in the network society”