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Multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) is a widely used decision making method in many research fields and real life applications. The use of MCDM in the district energy systems and heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can provide a systematic and quantitative approach to support decision making in the system selection, assessment, analysis, and optimization. The objective is to help the decision maker (DM) make more consistent decisions by taking the important objective and subjective factors into account, especially the requirements of end users.

Most real-life decision-making problems have several conflicting criteria and/or objectives to be considered simultaneously, uncertain or imprecise information may exist in both the criteria measurements and weighting. The energy systems selection and optimization is of great importance since it is a demanding task to supply the required energy at a lower investment and operating cost, without sacrificing environment or thermal comfort.

This Research Topic aims to:
- Encourage the development of novel and efficient life cycle MCDM models for decision support on energy systems in terms of the energy efficiency, economy, environment and other important criteria.

- Identify the handling ways of the preference information, e.g. objective and subjective weighting methods,
combination of preference information from different DMs or groups, consideration of the requirement of end users,
also the scientific methods to reduce the impact of uncertain or imprecise information on the MCDM results.

- Encourage the flexible implementation of artificial intelligence, evolutionary computation, machine learning, etc. in
MCDM on the energy systems.

- Implement proper risk assessment and sensitivity analysis for the MCDM models considering different
characteristics of the models.

- Assess application oriented MCDM models for different kind of energy systems and HVAC systems, and the
consistency or accuracy of the models compared to the case study and/or real application results.

- Examine the effects of the MCDM results on the energy system selection, design, operating, energy consumption
and life cycle costs.
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  • Multi-criteria decision making (MCDM), Energy systems, Heating, HVAC, ventilating, air conditioning, Decision support, Decision maker, DM, ), Preference information, Weighting, Life cycle, Optimization., Uncertainties