Editorial board member for Frontiers Research Topic:Investigating Energy Security in A Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Approach: Metrics, Methods and Management

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Energy security has been a hot topic for both researchers and policymakers for several years. However, the debate on the selection of dimensions and metrics for indicating energy security has never stopped, and the discussion on the methods and techniques for energy security evaluation is still open. More importantly, management techniques and pathways for dealing with the issues that challenging regional or national energy security need to be further explored. With various multi-criteria decision techniques, a full consideration and evaluation of the energy security metrics can be achieved, the factors challenging energy security improvement can be prioritized, and pathways for future energy transition can be identified.

This Research Topic aims to:
• Analyze the connotations and framework of energy security against the background of sustainable development and the energy transition, and review the dimensions and metrics that compose energy security, including geographic, economic, technological, social, environmental, and geopolitical factors

• Identify the methods and techniques that can be used for measuring energy security, including qualitative description, multi-criteria decision analysis, statistical analysis, input-output analysis, and compare their performance in the application of energy security measurement

• Evaluate the energy security performance for some specific regions or countries, such as the European Union, ASEAN, China, Japan, and United States; discuss the energy security issues under the background of global energy competition, energy revolution and transition, with multi-criteria decision analysis

• Identify and prioritize the factors that hinder the improvement of energy security or the adoption of renewable energy in developed and developing countries

• Design efficient systems and pathways for improving energy security by using multi-criteria decision making methods, including barrier identification, technology selection, policy evaluation, pathway analysis and scenario analysis
PeriodJul 2020
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • Energy security, metrics, multi-criteria decision making analysis, energy management