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Energy, the ’food’ for industry and society, plays a significant role in modern society experiencing industrialization, the rapid growth of population, and modernization. With the depletion of the traditional fossil fuels (such as coal, petroleum and natural gas) and people’s increased environmental awareness due to the negative environmental impacts of fossil fuels, renewable energy sources (such as solar, wind, geothermal, wave energy and hydropower) have attracted increased attention for their advantages. Renewable energy sources appeal not just because they are renewable but also because they offer development potential, emissions mitigation, and are becoming more socially acceptable than traditional energy sources. Therefore, the development and utilization of renewable energy sources can bring a bright and a more sustainable future for the people on the Earth. However, they lack a Research Topic that incorporates the ’hard’ aspects (technologies, applications and engineering demonstrations of renewable energy) and the ’soft’ aspects (challenges, policy issues and regulation systems) simultaneously in a systematic and comprehensive way.

In order to promote the sustainable development of renewable energy and renewable-energy-driven technologies and help the stakeholders to understand renewable energy more clearly, this Research Topic aims to provide readers with a comprehensive view of the frontier of renewable energy techniques, the advanced renewable-energy-driven technologies, the applications of renewable energy technologies, the benefits (including economic, environmental and social benefits) of the utilization of renewable energy sources, and the current policies which can support and the challenges which can hinder the development of renewable energy.

In addition, renewable energy sources and systems should be investigated from a multi-dimensional perspective, including economic, environmental, social-political, technological, and engineering dimensions. Accordingly, multi-criteria decision analysis plays a significant important role in renewable-energy-related decisions. In order to help the decision-makers and stakeholders to make informed decisions, research focusing on the applications of multi-criteria decision analysis on renewable energy is of vital importance.

This Research Topic aims to contribute a systematic summary for all the decision-makers and stakeholders of renewable energy for understanding:

(1) The frontiers of renewable energy technologies
(2) The innovative applications of renewable energy
(3) The mathematical models for the integration of renewable energy
(4) The business models related to renewable energy industry
(5) The current policies and regulations of renewable energy in different countries
(6) Applications of multi-criteria decision analysis on renewable energy technologies
(7) LCA and sustainability assessment of renewable energy technologies
PeriodAug 2020
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  • Data Reports, General Commentaries, Methods, Original Research, Perspectives, Policy and Practice Reviews, Policy Briefs, Reviews.