Danish Perceptions on the Need for Language Policies in the Business Communi­ty

  • Annelise Grinsted (Lecturer)

Activity: Talks and presentationsTalks and presentations in private or public companies


It is important to view language as part of the communica­tion process that takes place in enterprises, both the native langu­age and the foreign languages necessary to achieve the goals of the business community.

Lack of communication is often blamed for things going wrong in a company, but when trying to improve communication focus is put on media and chan­nels like telephones, especially mobile phones, online communication like teamoffice systems with fax and e-mail facilities, video conferencing, World Wide Web, etc. Seldomly is the focus on what is being com­muni­cated and less on the pro­cess.

Period29. Jan 1996
Event titleLanguage Policy
Event typeConference
LocationRoskilde, Denmark