Current projects and areas of research: (April 2012)

  • Victor V. Petrunin (Participant)

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I. Laser surface photochemistry via excitation in evanescent wave regime (“Evanescent Wave Photocatalysis”)
Lu Zifeng (exchange research visitor from China)

Optimization of Low Energy Ion Scattering instrument for studies of thin coatings on insulators
Jacob Duelund KaasKaas Christensen (Master Student)
Per Morgen

AFM studies of coatings induced on insulator surfaces by relaxation of electronically excited NO and SO2 molecules
Bjarke Jørgensen (researcher, Newtec)

K. E. Pankin, J.B. Nielsen, A.R. Andersen, J.C. Jeppesen, L. Jozefowski and V.V. Petrunin Surface chemical reactions induced by molecules electronically-excited in the gas; Proceedings of SPIE, Volume: 7994, 79940Q DOI: 10.1117/12.882580, 2011.

II. Spectroscopic studies of synthesized inorganic materials

Per Morgen
Rajnish Dhiman (PhD student of Per Morgen)

R. Dhiman, V. Petrunin, K. Rana and P. Morgen, CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL Volume: 37 3281-3289 DOI: 10.1016/j.ceramint.2011.05.124, 2011.
III. Studies of structural changes in solids induced by photoabsorption
Christine J. McKenzie
Mads Sørensen Vad (PhD student of Christine J. McKenzie)

Related research proposal was recently submitted to FTP ( SOLar Activated Chemical Energy: SOLACE, Christine J. McKenzie, Andrew D. Bond, Victor Petrunin)

IV. Pulsed laser induced luminescence of Ru complexes:
Investigation of possibilities to observe chemical bindings and control routes of the excitation energy relaxation.

Per Haystrup Feddersen (Bachelor student)

Mark Doerr (Center for Fundamental Living Technology)
Pierre-Alain Monnard (Center for Fundamental Living Technology)