Conceptual History and the Welfare State

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‘Social Cohesion’ in Politics and Literature of the Welfare State Abstract A major theme in the public debate has been Denmark’s meeting with globalization – not the least the transition from a culturally homogeneous national welfare state towards a multicultural society. In the past five year’s general political debate there has been a strong desire to strengthen social cohesion. This has also been an underlying consideration in recent Danish cultural policy which aims at revitalizing Danish cultural heritage by stimulating Danish culture and identity. By focusing on culture as a coherent factor new initiatives taken by the Danish Ministry of Culture have social cohesion as a theme. These initiatives are developed to create a stronger sense of social cohesion. In other words social cohesion has become a highly politicized notion and in contemporary Danish fiction it is also the object of a critical thematisation and investigation. The aim of this talk is to examine how ‘social cohesion’ is articulated in recent Danish fiction as well as in contemporary cultural policy.
Period16. Sep 2011
Event titleConceptual History and the Welfare State
Event typeConference
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