BIT’s 4th Annual Global Congress of Catalysis

Andersen, S. M. (Speaker)

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In addition to reducing capital cost and improving electrode reaction efficiency, material durability is one of the key issues in the advancement of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC). Among numerous degradation challenges, loss of noble metal catalyst and consequent decline of cell performance due to instability of the supporting carbon (carbon corrosion) are two of the most important failure modes for PEMFCs. Moreover, the degradation of carbon support and catalytic metals interacts with and exacerbates one another. Alternative carbons (CNF, CNT) and silicon carbides of different morphology were studied for potential catalyst support application. Interaction between the support and protonic conductive ionomer were especially investigated. It was also found that carbon nano materials and silicon carbides are of higher durability comparing to conventional carbon black under accelerated stress test. These open a new class of catalyst supports for PEMFC application.
Period30. Jun 2013
Event titleBIT’s 4th Annual Global Congress of Catalysis: null
Event typeConference
LocationDalian, China