Are Nordic Countries Getting tough on crime?

Kjær Minke, L. (Speaker)

Activity: Talks and presentationsConference presentations


In many western industrialized countries there has been a shift in the past decades towards law-and-order-societies. Punitive campaigns against crime, such as zero tolerance, three strikes and you're out, being tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime, have focused on the so-called traditional offending or street crime. On the other hand, it has been rather widely accepted by legal scholars, criminologists, and other social scientists that this so called punitive turn has not been realized in the Nordic countries. Today Nordic countries – along with the rest of Europe – are facing simultaneously political, economic, and social crises on an unprecedented scale. Increasing migration and refugee flows to Europe, the breakdown of welfare societies, political and religious radicalisation, and armed conflicts at the borders of Europe are creating threats to wellbeing and security. This, in turn, is reflected in increasing distrust, fears, and in questioning of traditional Nordic criminal policies. The aim of the working group is to discuss and compare recent developments in crime control in the Nordic countries: are they getting tougher on crime? Has the “refugee crisis” had impact on these developments?
Period1. Nov 20162. Nov 2016
Event typeWorkshop
LocationHelsinki, Finland