A Randomized Phase III Study of Venetoclax-Based Time-Limited Combination Treatments (RVe, GVe, GIVe) Vs Standard Chemoimmunotherapy (CIT: FCR/BR) in Frontline Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) of Fit Patients: First Co-Primary Endpoint Analysis of the International Intergroup GAIA (CLL13) Trial

  • Barbara Eichhorst (Speaker)
  • Carsten Utoft Niemann (Co-author)
  • Arnon P. Kater (Co-author)
  • Moritz Fürstenau (Co-author)
  • Julia Von Tresckow (Co-author)
  • Can v (Co-author)
  • Sandra Robrecht (Co-author)
  • Michael Gregor (Co-author)
  • Gunnar Juliusson (Co-author)
  • Patrick Thornton (Co-author)
  • Philipp B. Staber (Co-author)
  • Tamar Tadmor (Co-author)
  • Vesa Lindström (Co-author)
  • Caspar da Cunha-Bang (Co-author)
  • Christof Schneider (Co-author)
  • Christian Bjørn Poulsen (Co-author)
  • Thomas Thomas Illmer (Co-author)
  • Björn Schöttker (Co-author)
  • Ann Janssens (Co-author)
  • Ilse Christiansen (Co-author)
  • Thomas Noesslinger (Co-author)
  • Michael Baumann (Author)
  • Marjolein van der Klift (Co-author)
  • Ulrich Jaeer Jaeger (Co-author)
  • Frederiksen, H. (Co-author)
  • Maria B.L. Leijs (Co-author)
  • Mels Hoogendoorn (Co-author)
  • Kourosh Lotfi (Co-author)
  • Holger Hebart (Co-author)
  • Tobias Gaska (Co-author)
  • Harry R. Koene (Co-author)
  • Florian Simon (Co-author)
  • Nisha De Silva (Co-author)
  • Anna-Maria Fink (Co-author)
  • Kirsten Fischer (Co-author)
  • Clemens-Martin Wendtner (Co-author)
  • Karl-Anton Kreuzer (Co-author)
  • Matthias Ritgen (Co-author)
  • Monika Brüggemann Brüggemann (Co-author)
  • Eugen Tausch (Co-author)
  • Mark-David Levin (Co-author)
  • Marinus H.J. V (Co-author)
  • Christian Hartmann Geisler (Co-author)
  • Stephan Stilgenbauer (Co-author)
  • Michael Hallek (Co-author)

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Period11. Dec 2021
Event title63rd ASH Annual Meeting.
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