2nd Storytelling Seminar: "The Role of Narratives and Storytelling in Organizing for Sustainability: Perspectives in Dialogue"

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ustainability has become one of the central concerns for today’s organizations. Increasingly, organizations’ policies and actions affect — and are affected by — political discussions and legislation; grassroots movements, demonstrations and protests; and consumer- and commodity activism, all of which have the potential to span from the local to the global. Organizations must navigate a social reality in which attention to the environment, human welfare and issues of inequality are at the forefront of many citizens’ awareness. Moreover, while organizations for years have joined the UN Global Compact on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), many are increasingly integrating the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) into organizational policies, practices and communication.

The Theme of the Conference
Because stories are acknowledged to be one of the chief human resources for sense-making and communicating, the theme of this conference is the role of narratives and storytelling in understanding, reflecting critically on and helping organizations and individual members address the urgent questions raised by a rapidly changing social reality, including:

• how storytelling frameworks can help scholars as well as practitioners reflect, critically address and assist sustainability and SDG integration processes and multiple stakeholder collaborations,
• how organizational members make sense of the complexity of sustainability issues and understand the relevance of sustainability in their daily work,
• how a culture of sustainability can be cultivated and practiced,
• how organizations can navigate among ethics and financial concerns, as well as balance the diverse SDG’s,
• how organizations and their stakeholders, whether internal or external, can communicate clearly, honestly, and with transparency, about their practices,
• how new partnerships and co-creative practices between diverse stakeholders in local communities can be enacted, organized and maintained.
Period27. May 2020
Event typeConference
LocationOdense, Denmark


  • Storytelling
  • Sustainability
  • Organization
  • Narrative