What Matters at the End of Life: A Qualitative Study of Older Peoples Perspectives in Southern Denmark: A Qualitative Study of Older Peoples Perspectives in Southern Denmark

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What matters at the end of life (EOL) among the older population in Denmark is poorly investigated. We used focus groups and in-depth interviews, to identify perspectives within the EOL, along with what influences resuscitation, decision making, and other treatment preferences. We included eligible participants aged ≥65 years in the Region of Southern Denmark. Five focus groups and nine in-depth interviews were conducted, in total 31 participants. We found a general willingness to discuss EOL, and experiences of the process of dying were present among all participants. Three themes emerged during the analysis: (a) Being independent is crucial for the future, (b) Handling and talking about the EOL, and (c) Conditions in Everyday Life are Significant. Life experiences seemed to affect the degree of reflection of EOL and the decision-making process. Knowing your population of interest is crucial, when developing an approach or using an advance care plan from another setting.

TidsskriftGerontology and Geriatric Medicine
Sider (fra-til)1-11
StatusUdgivet - 2019