What is a pickaxe in Danish? Danish children’s engagement in English-language media

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    In an increasingly globalized and mediatized world, children’s spare time engagement in media may not be mediated in Danish; rather with English as the leading lingua franca, many children engage in activities mediated in English.   
    The present paper investigates the English-language media habits of seven Danish children between the ages of 7 and 10: four girls and three boys.  The children were interviewed in groups while showing the researcher which English-language media activities they engage in in their spare time. One child was interviewed on her own. The main focus of the interviews, and the present study, was getting a sense of WHAT types of English-language media the children engage in and very importantly on HOW they engage in these activities, i.e. how do they perceive of and engage with the English input. The children thus engaged in the activities during the interview.  
    The children were chosen on the basis of their engagement in English mediated spare time activities as attested through a one week language diary (LD) where the children filled out for everyday their engagement in, among others, the following activities mediated in English: listening to music, watching YouTube/Netflix, etc. and gaming in English. The children are all part of a large ongoing research project on the importance of starting age for learning English funded by the Independent Research Council.  The 7th child (aged 7) was chosen on the basis of her participation in a pilot on the LD. As data has been collected recently, it has not yet been coded an analyzed. However, results from the LDs show that many Danish children engage in English language mediated activities, that there are significant gender differences and that gaming and YouTube are related to language learning.
    Publikationsdato30. maj 2017
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    StatusUdgivet - 30. maj 2017
    BegivenhedChildren's Media and Literature in a Mediatized World
    - Århus UNiversitet, Århus, Danmark
    Varighed: 30. maj 20171. jun. 2017
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    KonferenceChildren's Media and Literature in a Mediatized World
    LokationÅrhus UNiversitet


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