Virtual vitreoretinal surgery: construction of a training programme on the Eyesi Surgical Simulator

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The purpose of this study was to test the construct validity of a full virtual reality vitreoretinal training program at the Eyesi Surgical simulator.

Design and methods:
A virtual vitreoretinal training program was composed on the Eyesi Surgical simulator, software version 2.9.2 (VRmagic GmbH, Manheim, Germany).
It was completed twice by three groups:
Group 1: Twenty medical students
Group 2: Ten ophthalmology residents
Group 3: Five vitreoretinal surgeons
The program consisted of six training modules (Figure 1):
Navigation level 2 (Nav2)
Forceps Training level 5 (ForT5)
Bimanual Training level 3 (BimT3)
Laser Coagulation level 3 (LasC3)
Posterior Hyaloid level 3 (PostH3)
Internal Limiting Membrane Peeling level 3 (ILMP3).
Construct validity for a module was obtained if the median score for Group 3 was higher than for Group 2, which in turn was higher than for Group 1.This was tested by Kruskal Wallis test by ranks.

The participants achieved higher overall score in Group 3 than Group 2 and Group 1 (Table 1).
The same applied to sub score where the participants in Group 3 scored higher than Group 2 and Group 1 in Nav2, BimT3, PostH3 and ILMP3 (Table 1).

We developed a training program in virtual vitreoretinal surgery with construct validity for four out of six modules and for overall score. This makes the program a useful tool in the training of future vitreoretinal surgeons.
Publikationsdatomaj 2016
StatusUdgivet - maj 2016
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KonferenceARVO 2016 Annual meeting
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