User perspectives and preferences regarding a mobile health cough application: A qualitative study during the coronavirus disease pandemic in Denmark

Stine Thestrup Hansen, Humira Ehrari, Susanne Kristiansen, Lotte Schelde Olsen, Rasmus Stig Jensen, Troels Wesenberg Kjaer, Malene Beck

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review

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Health care systems worldwide are currently facing major challenges because of the coronavirus disease pandemic. When individuals experience coronavirus disease symptoms, they often have to decide whether to seek health care services and render themselves vulnerable to infection or stay home and monitor their condition. Coronavirus disease management strategies should aim to reduce transmission, promote disease control, and facilitate self-monitoring within the population. In this regard, mobile health technologies serve as supportive tools, and acquiring knowledge about user perspectives will facilitate the development and integration of coronavirus disease-related applications. Accordingly, this study aimed to examine user perspectives on applications that monitor coronavirus disease-related physical signs and identify discrepancies between user expectations and developer design perspectives within the Danish context.

Materials and methods
A qualitative research design was adopted. Semi-structured telephone interviews were conducted to examine user expectations during the first wave of the coronavirus disease pandemic in April 2020. The theoretical framework, which was inspired by the concept of health literacy, was developed using a six-step thematic analytic approach.

The analysis yielded two major themes that captured user experiences: (1) coronavirus disease-related applications may serve as digital tools that foster safety when physical signs are monitored and (2) the acceptability of coronavirus disease-related applications depends on the adoption of a personalised and user-friendly design.

mHealth, Covid-19, UX research, health literacy, health monitering, lockdown
TidsskriftDigital Health
Sider (fra-til)1-15
StatusUdgivet - 7. okt. 2021
  • CoronaMonitor

    Kjaer, T. W., Hansen, L. K., Beck, M., Bardram, J., Høegh, R. M. T., Larsen, J. E., Hansen, S. T., Benfield, T. L. V., Dalager-Pedersen, M., Jørgensen, S. L., Johansen, I. S. & Wiese, L.


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