User Centered Design as a Framework for Applying Conversation Analysis in Hearing Aid Consultations

Maria Egbert, Ben Matthews

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Recurrent issues in applying CA results to change in institutional practices concern the degree to which the CA researcher is involved and what aspects of the change process CA researchers is involved in. This paper presents a methodology from innovation studies called User Centered Design (Buur and Bagger, 1999) and, more recently, Participatory Innovation (Buur and Matthews, 2008) which is uniquely compatible with conversation analysis. Designers following this approach study how a ‘user’ of goods or services interacts with products and other interaction partners in order to derive ideas for innovation. Although this methodological convergence of disciplines is rooted in different traditions, it augurs well for successful cooperation.

This paper reports on such a collaboration carried out within a federally funded research center for innovation. We present principles of the interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as successes and pitfalls. In particular we focus on the role of conversation analysists both from the perspective of the designers and the conversation analysts. To illustrate this, we have selected a project on hearing aid fitting. To understand the perspective of the users (the person with hearing loss and the hearing aid fitter is imperative because the compliance rate for hearing aid use is staggeringly low. One of the barriers of hearing aid use lies in problematic encounters between the person with hearing loss and audiologists.

Buur, J and Matthews, B. (2008) ‘Participatory Innovation’ International Journal of Innovation Management. vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 255-273.
Buur, J. and Bagger, K. (1999). ‘Replacing usability testing with user dialogue’ Communications of the ACM 42(5), pp. 63-66.

TidsskriftAmerican Association of Applied Linguistics - Conference abstracts
Antal sider1
StatusUdgivet - 2011

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