Unparticle & Higgs as Composites

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We propose a generic framework in which the Higgs and the unparticle are both composite. The underlying theories are four dimensional, asymptotically free, nonsupersymmetric gauge theories with fermionic matter. We sketch a possible uni- fication of these two sectors at a much higher scale resembling extended technicolor models. By construction our extensions are natural, meaning that there is no hierar- chy problem. The coupling of the unparticle sector to the composite Higgs emerges as a four-fermion operator. The bilinear unparticle operator near the electroweak scale has scaling dimension in the range 1 <dU <3. We investigate, in various ways, the breaking of scale invariance induced by the electroweak scale resulting in an unparticle condensate. The latter acts as a natural infrared cut off or hadronic scale. We give the low-energy effective theory valid near the electroweak scale. The unparticle Higgs mixing is found to be suppressed within our framework.
StatusUdgivet - 15. okt. 2008

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  • hep-ph