Translation, Cross-Cultural Adaptation, and Validation of the Activity Rating Scale for Disorders of the Knee

Vala Flosadottir, Ewa M Roos, Eva Ageberg

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review

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BACKGROUND: The Activity Rating Scale (ARS) for disorders of the knee evaluates the level of activity by the frequency of participation in 4 separate activities with high demands on knee function, with a score ranging from 0 (none) to 16 (pivoting activities 4 times/wk).

PURPOSE: To translate and cross-culturally adapt the ARS into Swedish and to assess measurement properties of the Swedish version of the ARS.

STUDY DESIGN: Cohort study (diagnosis); Level of evidence, 2.

METHODS: The COSMIN guidelines were followed. Participants (N = 100 [55 women]; mean age, 27 years) who were undergoing rehabilitation for a knee injury completed the ARS twice for test-retest reliability. The Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS), Tegner Activity Scale (TAS), and modernized Saltin-Grimby Physical Activity Level Scale (SGPALS) were administered at baseline to validate the ARS. Construct validity and responsiveness of the ARS were evaluated by testing predefined hypotheses regarding correlations between the ARS, KOOS, TAS, and SGPALS. The Cronbach alpha, intraclass correlation coefficients, absolute reliability, standard error of measurement, smallest detectable change, and Spearman rank-order correlation coefficients were calculated.

RESULTS: The ARS showed good internal consistency (α ≈ 0.96), good test-retest reliability (intraclass correlation coefficient >0.9), and no systematic bias between measurements. The standard error of measurement was less than 2 points, and the smallest detectable change was less than 1 point at the group level and less than 5 points at the individual level. More than 75% of the hypotheses were confirmed, indicating good construct validity and good responsiveness of the ARS.

CONCLUSION: The Swedish version of the ARS is valid, reliable, and responsive for evaluating the level of activity based on the frequency of participation in high-demand knee sports activities in young adults with a knee injury.

TidsskriftOrthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine
Udgave nummer9
Antal sider12
StatusUdgivet - 2017

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