Vague and atypical symptoms challenges diagnosis of acute disease in older adults, but focused lung ultrasound (FLUS) carried out in-home may potentially improve diagnostics. However, training is necessary before implementation of in-home FLUS, as sufficient competencies are essential for a reliable examination.

This study aims to investigate whether acute community nurses (ACN) can acquire
competencies in FLUS, and to explore facilitators and barriers for learning FLUS.

FLUS inexperienced ACNs followed a FLUS training program consisting of an e-learning module, an immersive virtual reality (IVR) FLUS module, and supervised scans,
either remotely by tele-ultrasound or directly during in-home assessment of older adults. To secure sufficient competencies a validated FLUS-competency assessment tool was used. Questionnaires were developed regarding facilitators and barriers to the training program. ACNs written reflections on how they experienced the training program were collected before, during, and after certification.

In total, 10 (100%) ACNs completed the training program satisfactorily. ACNs used 4.78 and 4.88 hours to complete the e-learn and IVR module, respectively. The combined quantitative and qualitative results showed that motivation for learning new skills increased job satisfaction. Fear of failure was common throughout the training process, and linked to internal fear, technical difficulties, organizational factors, and time. Supervised scans, either in person or by using tele-ultrasound, reassured ACNs and reduced fear of failure.

Acute Community Nurses can acquire sufficient competencies in Focused Lung Ultrasound by using e-learning, virtual reality, and supervised scans. Fear of failure needs to be adressed during training to ensure competencies. Tele-ultrasound may support Acute Community Nurses during and after training and reduce the negative aspect of fear of failure.
Publikationsdato22. sep. 2023
StatusUdgivet - 22. sep. 2023
BegivenhedEuropean Geriatric Medicine Society: Healthy Aging in the Changing World - Helsinki, Finland
Varighed: 20. sep. 202322. sep. 2023


KonferenceEuropean Geriatric Medicine Society