Towards a strong NATO narrative: From a ‘practice of talking’ to a ‘practice of doing’

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review


The article contributes to the growing theoretical scholarship on NATO by developing a theoretical framework that demonstrates the complex relationship between doing and being, identity and action, and knowledge and practice. The article addresses the puzzle that NATO in the past decade has been busier than ever, yet has not managed to construct a strong narrative and maintain ontological security. The article presents a framework, which assumes that ontological security is influenced by identity and narrative construction processes, which are themselves reinforced or undermined by practical action, conceptualized as ‘functional action’ and ‘rhetorical action’. By analyzing NATO's current and past narratives, practices, and action patterns, the article shows that NATO's recent crisis is not just a deeper and more serious crisis because Afghanistan is a difficult mission, but that the depth of the crisis is the result of changes in NATO's established practices and new fundamentally different patterns of action.
TidsskriftInternational Politics
Udgave nummer1
Sider (fra-til)78-97
StatusUdgivet - 2012
Udgivet eksterntJa

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