Towards a citizen social science methodology: examining cultural and social practices of citizen science research

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    In recent years, scholars from the social sciences and humanities have engaged in the field of Citizen Science (CS). We understand this turn towards a Citizen ​Social Science (CSS) as an invitation to citizens to participate and collaborate in potentially all phases of the research process by putting the (local) communities needs and concerns in the center. CSS engages with current discourses on political participation in democratic societies highlightening central dimensions of CS such as inclusion, contribution, and reciprocity, which must be supplemented with further concepts such as responsibility, transparency, mutual trust and research ethics.
    Publikationsdato8. sep. 2020
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    StatusUdgivet - 8. sep. 2020
    BegivenhedECSA Conference 2020: Encounters in Citizen Science The online conference for citizen and participatory science 2020 in Trieste, Italy. - Online, Trieste, Italien
    Varighed: 7. sep. 202010. sep. 2020


    KonferenceECSA Conference 2020

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    Lead authors: Stefan Thomas, David Scheller, Dick Kasperowski, Niels Gommesen, Niclas Hagen. Secondary authors: Jo Havemann, Katja Mayer, Josep Perelló, Veronika Wöhrer


    • citizen scocial science
    • citizen science research
    • citizen social science methodology
    • Citizen science and artificial intelligence
    • research ethics