Three Tails of Organizational Innovation: from the Value Creation Perspective

Chih-Cheng Lin, Zheng Ma

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Several prior articles have emphasized the importance of organizational innovation and change. To advance our understanding, this paper seeks to address the following question: “in what ways the outcome of organizational innovation process distributed over time” by examining organizational innovation process with the knowledge creation perspective.
To explore this supposition, this paper conducted multiple case studies. A qualitative approach was chosen due to the lack of prior research and is appropriate for establishing empirical evidence and describing the phenomenon of the innovation process. The adoption of E-Learning is a good setting to study organization design for innovation which can often be a change that requires the adopting organizations to perform radical reengineering and adjustment in a relatively comprehensive manner.
The result indicated two critical dimensions of presenting the organizational innovation process: two-way interactive triggers for organizational innovation integrating three levels – individual, group and organization, and three tails of organizational innovation process. By exploring the organizational innovation process, this study has extended the Rogers’ landmark article (1995) by indicating three different organizational innovation processes with different value impact, named “three tails”. It also contributed knowledge to the literature on organizational innovation process by describing value creation and transfer among individuals, groups and organizations. More importantly, these three tails are not isolated but integrated - this can be viewed as three stages for organizational innovation process.
TidsskriftAcademy of Management Proceedings
Antal sider40
StatusUdgivet - 2012
BegivenhedAcademy of Management Meeting 2012 - Boston, Boston, MA, USA
Varighed: 3. aug. 20127. aug. 2012


KonferenceAcademy of Management Meeting 2012
ByBoston, MA


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