The Triangle of Group Work: Making group work work!

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The intention of this study is to have students experience the practical ups and downs of group work as a necessary part of preparing project collaboration with external partners. The study was generatet as a part of the course “Project management” (third semester bachelor of intercultural pedagogy) where my task as a teacher was to facilitate student engagement in mandatory project groups. Colleges experience that students have a hard time coping with group work in general. Therefore, my pedagogical challenge and goal was to create appropriate conditions for the students to work in their project groups and in this way “simulate” work conditions they may meet in work life after their university degree. I would like to share the results of a small study on group work I conducted in the fall of 2018. Here the conclusions point to the fact that the initiated collaborative learning activities do not necessarily spur students’ possibilities to succeeded with group work – students point to foundational psychosocial factors that initially must be addressed. I propose a generic model of influential factors of group work – “the Triangle of Group work” – that arose as a result of the study: According to the students the impact of the work in groups and the collaborative learning activities center around the raised levels of student motivation, student influence and student involvement through the semester (data for these conclusions was generated through four types of evaluation). I hope the results of my small study can be enlightening for other teachers through dialogue regarding the model with influential factors of group work. It could be interesting to discuss what happens with student responsibility as a student progresses through their university studies. And also, it could be interesting to discuss if the purpose of group work also might be a significant factor, as we know students tend to focus on course assessment.
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StatusUdgivet - 2019
BegivenhedTeaching for Active Learning - SDU, Odense, Danmark
Varighed: 14. nov. 201914. nov. 2019


KonferenceTeaching for Active Learning

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