The Specificities of the North-European Seriality: Strong Local Voices in a Global Media-World

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North-European television drama1 has recently gained success in both national and international markets, especially due to Nordic Noir series, such as Wallander, Forbrydelsen, Lilyhammer, Bron/Broen, and to a certain degree also SKAM (Bondebjerg and Redvall 2015; Jensen et al. 2016). With high audience gures, sales to international markets, and awards, these and other series anticipate success for North-European television. A success in no small measure due to the strength of the ‘Nordic Noir’ label. Traditional public service broadcasters (PSB) - like Norwegian NRK and Danish DR - play an important role in most of these successes, both as producers and as distributors (Hochscherf and Philipsen 2017). They have collaborated with international companies and tried new business-and cross-media-models in order both to reach larger markets and to share the production costs, but also to initiate creative processes together (Sundet in Bakøy et al. 2017).

TitelReading Contemporary Serial Television Universes : A Narrative Ecosystem Framework
RedaktørerPaola Brembilla, Ilaria De Pascalis
UdgivelsesstedNew York/London
Publikationsdato7. jul. 2018
ISBN (Trykt)978-1-138-07139-1
ISBN (Elektronisk)9781351628365
StatusUdgivet - 7. jul. 2018
NavnRoutledge Advances in Television Studies


  • Tv-serier, kultur, nationalitet

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